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Level 1

Demo Membership

This membership level allows 2 members and 4 children, and has auto-renew enabled.

Custom Membership Page

This is a custom page used to place multiple membership levels on one page. The membership has auto-renew enabled. This page also has a cross-sale popup.

Membership with Membership Types

This membership has membership types configured on each level.

Membership with Add-ons

This membership has the following add-ons available: Extra member, Something Extra

Season Pass

XTruLink Season Pass

This membership program has a fixed expiration date (end of year).

Multiple Term Lengths Membership

This membership has a 1 month and a 1 year option available for each level. This is a custom page that includes all levels.

Monthly Memberships

This is a daily admission program created to initiate process of setting up a monthly membership. The membership must be processed via back office in Altru once the fee has been paid.